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FIFA 2013 Demo. It?s pretty popular and new, it just hit the marketplace so It?s my job to tell you about it.

*Keep in mind that I?m European so I don?t call football soccer.

First, It?s a football game. You know, kick the ball into the net, and that?s it! That?s the point of the game. I seriously CANNOT tell you anything else about football that you don?t know, because who doesn?t knows about football?

Secondly, the gameplay feels like I?m God and I can control everyone on my team. I like that! The game feels like I was in a real stadium, playing a real football match, with real people, and running on real grass! Everything is so realistic! Especially that the game mainly focuses on the gameplay to make you feel like your XBOX 360 has turned into a TV on a sport channel and you are the one who controls the match.

The replay system in the demo is awesome. Just like the previous titles you can move the camera freely and edit segments, but the surprising part is that you can upload your records even in the demo! So If you had a good shot, just put it away for later to show it to anybody.

You can play with multiple controllers with your friends at any time. Just join up and you can play against the enemy or you can play against each other. Awesome!

Thirdly, the good thing about the demo is that it gives you a full match that takes about 10 mins (not sure about that, correct me if I?m wrong), and not just a half time. It gives you fully cinematic scenes every time something important happens like a goal or when the ball goes out of the line. The animations are beautiful, the faces show real expressions, the camera shake, the blur, the transitions, the HUD, everything is just like on TV!

Some other cool things I?ve noticed so far:

-Easy controls, that you can customize as you want.
-You can practice scoring a goal against a single goalkeeper in the training mode.
-The music fits perfectly for the game.
-5 selectable teams that you can customize with 3 types of clothes.
-You can make serious strategies using the team management option, you can make squads, change the formation, change the roles of certain players, etc.
-Very smooth voice commentation.
-All the spectators in the stadium are fully 3d, they have different animations and clothes, and they react correctly to the events. And the game still runs at smooth 50 fps!
-Beautiful graphics, the lighting is the best of it.


  • Realistic, fun gameplay
  • Feels so real because of the TV elements
  • Good strategy system
  • Split Screen multiplayer with a friend
  • Full match with penalties
  • Good graphics
  • Can save replays


  • (I could not find anything that sucks in this demo)


Is it replayable to have fun or it?s only for demonstration?

It?s replayable. The demo gives you a kick off match for free that you can repeat any time even with friends. And it?s different every time. Not repetetive.


Should I buy the full game?

Depends on you. If you have FIFA 2012, you should think about it, because there aren?t much differences. If you have titles other than 2012, or this is your first try at FIFA, yes!

Click here to download it from the marketplace.

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-Greg Butcher

All the credit for the images goes to the Xbox 360 Marketplace.
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