Thursday, September 6, 2012

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The other day, I was listening to a Democratic congressman who claimed that the food stamp program was one of the best government programs going. His rationale was that because 45 million Americans are getting free food, that it must be a good program, as the government is providing the American people food. As someone who leans on the other side of the political spectrum I am horrified by that thought. After all, I was always told that you should teach a man to fish, not give him three fishes for life.

In fact, one could say that we are making people so weak that they can't provide for themselves anymore, and I wouldn't understand why a government program that does make people weak could be considered a success. Perhaps it is a success for a leadership which wishes to divide and conquer the American people, and make them so beholden to the government that they have absolute power over the people, but that's not what America is supposed to be; is it?

It is interesting that while the food stamp program increases monthly in numbers, that the same folks on that side of the political spectrum claim the economy is getting better; is it? Or are we just pumping money into the economy giving free food away, and within one transaction it becomes corporate welfare, and then leaves for foreign shores because we are buying food products from China as well? All that does is extend our trade deficit, make America weak, and put in our nation in greater debt while we turned it into an unsustainable socialist driven utopian fa?ade.

There was an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal titled; "Spam Sales Boost Hormel's Profit - Food Supplier Backs Annual Earnings Forecast Amid Rising Commodity Costs and Price Resistance," by Marshall Eckblad and Melodie Warner.

I can tell you this, the people getting food stamps are not buying Spam, why should they buy Spam if they're getting free money for food, they can buy anything they want. The people who are buying Spam are all those people who used to be in the middle class, whose lives have been destroyed, and who have lost their homes and/or job, but refuse to take food stamps. If we continue to drive our nation off the cliff of socialism, we are no better than the angry mobs of Europe as we follow them into the debt ridden abyss. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

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